• Mission
  • Vision
  • policy
  • experience

Al-Dhahir Group’s Mission is to earn the loyalty of our clients and nurture our products and services by developing and marketing our products as a world leader in quality, cost and customer service through the integration of people, technology, and business systems.

Al-Dhahir Group’s Vision provides the focus that ensures a stable, cohesive core through the hurricanes of growth. Holding Associates collaborates with us to create a strong Brand Vision that will align with our business strategy and serve to rally the troops.

Al-Dhahir Group policy is to be pro-active and to offer the best possible solutions for all your personal and businesses’ needs. With over 300 qualified employees who enjoy a wealth of experience in different fields, the group has achieved successful joint ventures with other multi-national companies in numerous business activities.

Al-Dhahir Group is a major independent group of companies with over 37 years of experience, providing reliable, high-quality and express services as well as value-added logistics solutions. The Group offers its services through wholly owned and partner companies in Iraq, Dubai, Amman, South Africa and Cyprus. In addition of being globally connected via contractual agreements.