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AlDhahir Energy

Our Vision

To become a preferred world class provider of reliable and sustainable electricity to the nation and in the region.

Our Mission

To produce, supply and trade quality, reliable and affordable electricity through sustained growth, continuous innovation and a motivated staff to the satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders, including the regional market.

Our Goal

To improve Customer Service and Service delivery, improve the electricity access rate, and improve communication and networking with stakeholders.

The plant comprises:

  • Combined Cycle GE (209E+309E) + (Optional 1xFr9E)
  • Preferred Technology: GE: GT, Alstom: ST, Generators & HRSGs
  • Land Coordinates defined (Various site works ~ WIP) ,the plant has Sovereign guarantees.
  • Project Timeline of ~12months for 1000MW
  • Demolition of Existing Power Plant (MOE Responsibility ~ 6 months)
  • Construction of CC Power Plant (Al Dhahir ~ 12 months for ~700MW)
  • Other Contracts: 1- Water Supply 2- Grid Transmission & Interconnection 3- Land Lease.