ALFA Tobacoo

Despite the overwhelming progress of technology in today’s fast-pace world, ALFA Tobacco’s essence remains unchanged. Its priorities and strategic vision are, and always will be, guided by the company’s main principles: · The belief in human resource development.

· The belief in the importance of working towards customer satisfaction. · The importance of providing competitive products through state of the art technology and quality assurance.

· The importance of working towards ensuring that our owners get a fair return on their investment.

· The importance of having a win win business relation with both customers and suppliers. Strategic Plan The founding members of ALFA Tobacco are considered to be among the elite business people and financial establishments in Jordan. ALFA Tobacco’s strategic planning is based upon the Company’s commitment to: · Customer satisfaction.

· Investing in a motivated, energetic and qualified team able to enjoy fulfilling and rewarding careers. · Reliance on the latest state of the art technology and rigorous quality assurance policies and procedures.

· Creating value for shareholders by sustaining constant and steady global growth.

Company Goals

ALFA Tobacco aims to become internationally known and reputed as a cigarette manufacturer of the highest quality and standards, always placing consumers’ satisfaction and regulatory compliance at the forefront of the Company’s objectives and goals.