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HiLink Telecom

HiLink Telecom specialized in telecommunication and information technology.

HiLink has recently acquired WLL telecom license from (NICMC) and obtained a contract with the Ministry of Telecommunication in Iraq to serve Alanbar Governorate. This license entitles HiLink to provide the people of Alanbar with WLL(voice,internet service and high speed data). The service will be upgradeable to WIMAX in the future.

HiLink has various business relations and joint venture agreements with important international companies specializing in telecom equipment and networks and it.

HiLink Telecom is incorporated in both Iraq and Jordan. The main functions of HiLink Telecom are the following:

1- Telecommunication Service Provision.
2- Telecom equipment supply and installation.
3- Providing technical consultancy in various fields of telecom.