ITEC draws upon extensive knowledge of multiple markets, geographies and industry-specific knowledge and experience of power generation, substation, and transmission line processes to design and operate cost-efficient, customer-centric power systems. Furthermore, ITEC Power logistics team provides a vast array of management services designed to help our clients condense delivery cycle time, lower costs, maximize supply chain efficiency, improve inventory control and enhance customer satisfaction. We are committed to bringing innovative ideas that balance technology, resources and expertise to solve real-world power generation and logistics issues. Our Management teams have extensive operational experience working in United States, Africa, and the Middle East with local leaders, and national and international recognized companies to provide power generation and logistic solutions, built to the precise specifications of the client’s business model.

ITEC Power, LLC draws from the knowledge and experiences offer by our highly experienced excellent trained personnel to offer unsurpassed benefits to our clients.

Below is a partial list of the services we offer our clients:

* Project Management: site manager / project manager / projects director / supervisor / coordinator / senior mechanical engineer / turbine mechanics / SU engineers / etc.

* Complete Outage Services for all plant configurations.

* Start-Up Commissioning Services.

* Experienced in BOP systems. (Cooling towers, fire-protection, fuel gas, etc.)

* Proficient in all aspects of gas and steam turbine industry.

* Complete parts supply both OEM and aftermarket.

* Qualified in public relations to the power generation industry.

* Provide power needs survey and assessments, engineering, and procurement services.

* Provide full O&M services.

* Provide full machine service shop and field machining services.

* Provide water treatment services including filtered and demineralized for steam quality

* Provide full power plant installation, repair, upgrades, and maintenance services

* Over forty (40) years of power generation engineering, construction, and operations.